Review Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

Kelly Clarkson Stronger
Kelly Clarkson Stronger

Kelly Clarkson is back with her fifth studio offering, Stronger.

The singer who rose to fame as the first winner of American Idol finally released her fifth album on October 24th 2011, after pushing it back twice, first from its earlier intended release date in 2010 and later in September 2011.

Stronger which debuted at number 2, serves as a strong showing from Miss Clarkson. The album opens with “Mr Know It All”, which happens to be the first single off the album and earned Kelly her ninth top ten single. The song produced by Brian Kennedy sees Kelly basically telling a guy who thinks he knows everything, that he really knows nothing at all. Reminds me of a few guys I’ve come across.

The album continues with “What Doesn’t Kill You”, an up-tempo song worthy of becoming an anthem. The song also known as Stronger sees Kelly kill it with a powerful vocal performance while reaffirming the saying that any adversity which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. The song also serves as Kelly second single and might possibly be her tenth top ten single.

While the album is predominately Pop Rock inspired with songs about love, heartbreak and moving on with tracks such as “Dark side”, “Honestly”, “Einstein”, “Hello” and “Standing in Front of You”.

There are exceptions, such as “Why Don’t You Try” which is more soulful RnB. While “Don’t You Wanna Stay” , Kelly’s collaboration with Jason Alden( a song which currently holds the title of most downloaded country duet of all time , for which the duo is nominated for a grammy), and Breaking your own heart are more country inspired.

As a whole the album which was co-written by Kelly is solid offering and is definitely worth your money. Although the album did not sell as much in its opening week as Kelly’s first four offerings the album is a must have for any Kelly Clarkson fan and a good buy for any music fan.

I give “Stronger” 3.5/5

My Favourites tracks are:

  • Alone
  • What Doesn’t Kill You
  • Einstein
  • You Can’t Win
  • Mr Know It all
  • You Love Me
  • The Sun Will Rise

My Least Favourite tracks are:

  • Breaking your own heart

You can get the album at or at

This post was written by our entertainment editor Pulsa.

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