Richard Branson visits Lavender Hill Secondary School


Sir Richard Branson made a flying visit to Lavender Hill High School yesterday, a school in the heart of the troubled, gangland territory of the Western Cape. It is here that Virgin Active South Africa launched their FUTURE CREW programme that encourages and supports SA school children to become more active and better equipped to launch their careers.

Under the banner ‘educating through activeness’, Virgin Active begins by donating gym equipment to the school and then educates teachers/coaches in fitness and nutrition. The project is also supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Sir Richard spoke about starting out with a small scale business and growing until he could ‘buy an airline. When you’re at school, start thinking of the little entrepreneurial ideas,’ he said. ‘The lesson is to dream.’

Murals painted by the pupils at the schools carry inspirational messages and this wall of hopes and dreams,is a constant reminder of the goals they hope to achieve. And it’s working; the school rugby team has hit a winning streak, two learners have landed Provincial colours in body building and the Matric pass mark is up year on year. School spirit is high and today, there’s a waiting list to get in to a school that’s on its way up.

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