School of Rock to Launch Little Wing – a Dynamic Early Music Education Programme for Pre-schoolers

School of Rock to Launch Little Wing
School of Rock to Launch Little Wing

(Cape Town, September 2015) School of Rock Claremont, the international leader in music education for kids will be launching LITTLE WING, an early music education programme for preschool age children. The exciting new programme will be hosted at School of Rock Claremont from October 2015.

The School of Rock International team spent two years working with experts in the field of early childhood education, as well as professional musicians to develop a truly unique approach for this music programme. Classes will be conducted in a group-lesson format and will be steered by an experienced staff of instructors. Students enrolled in the new programme will participate in weekly 60-minute classes every month. The programme will start with classes focused on 4 and 5 year old students with a 2-3 year old programme following soon after.

Little Wing was designed to be portable, so that the programme can be delivered at affiliate locations. This allows Little Wing to partner with select preschools who want to add a music enrichment programme to their existing curriculum. Other settings for the programme may include day-cares, private homes and even children’s parties.

This unique music programme will help young children understand rhythm and melody and introduce them to the language of music. Classes will feature movement games set to some of the most popular music from the past fifty years, and instructors will lead activities intended to spark creativity.

There is also an interactive Little Wing app for iOS devices that will engage young users with its vivid imagery and of course top-notch music even when they aren’t in the class. The app will introduce young minds to basic music concepts through a playful interactive music game with an animated bird named Little Wing. Kids using the game will learn about music notes and exercise ears and eyes by picking up auditory cues.

Keith Taeuber, Managing Director of School of Rock Claremont, says” We are very proud and excited to be launching “The Little Wing programme”. This amazing programme will help raise the bar when it comes to current preschool music education offered in South Africa and sets the foundation for music appreciation in young children and pre-schoolers and is unique in terms of its cutting edge and relevant syllabus which aims to inspire, motivate and cultivate the rockstars of tomorrow”.

Much research and evidence has been documented citing the benefits of music education during a child’s early years to help them better develop skill sets in areas such as pre-literacy, motor skills, and coordination. Little Wing will build a fun learning experience by employing strong teamwork and cooperative learning. The games and activities that will be taught at Little Wing, all set to classic rock and pop music that both parents and young children can enjoy, are designed to stimulate and mould young minds.

The programme will teach rhythm and beat patterns, tracking and sequencing sounds and words, tonal processing, auditory focus and audition, and the fine motor skills used in instrument play and visual arts. The Little Wing programme strengthens skill that can better prepare children for preparatory schools. Little Wing will also prepare students for School of Rock’s full slate of music education programmes for all ages and for a lifetime of music education and appreciation.

For more information about the programme visit: or contact Leigh Spaun to sign–up on 021 671 9580.
School of Rock Claremont details:
URL: FB: ; Twitter: @SORclaremont; Instagram: @schoolofrockclaremont & YouTube: @schoolofrockclaremontcapetown

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