Set your fitness goals for 2010

2010 is only a few days away. So set your goals for the next decade.

I have not blogged over the xmas days, because I was busy finishing up my book. If everything works out as it should it will be available pretty soon on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble etc. The ebook version is also updated and available as download here.

I got an Email today from my gym saying that I had 21 visits in November. So I was quite busy. Body fat was down to 15% and after the xmas feast I will set my goal for February 2010 to 13% body fat.

And again I will give you a daily update on food, training, discipline, motivation and visualization. So if you stick with me on this blog you might reach your weight and / or fitness goal in 2010 as well.

I will soon add some more exercises to the training and explain them to here.

Let me know your fitness goals for 2010.

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