Simba Steers Monkey Gland flavoured potato chips

Simba Steers Monkey Gland flavoured potato chips
Simba Steers Monkey Gland flavoured potato chips

I just got a special delivery of Simba chips to my office. I am not a chips person, but this one got me hooked.

So my non chips eater advice is: “Give it a try!”

Here the official info: Simba has partnered with leading brand Steers; to launch their limited edition Simba Steers Monkey Gland flavoured potato chips.

The combination of quality South African potatoes and a blend of spices mean that every time you open a packet of South Africa’s leading potato chips, great taste, fun, and sharing will follow.

The authentic new flavour adds to Simba’s current tangy flavour segment, which includes the popular Mrs. Balls Chutney, Salt & Vinegar and Tomato Sauce. The introduction of a bold delicious new flavour provides the perfect opportunity for a great sharing experience; it’s all about Mapha.

Over the years Simba potato chips have become one of South Africa’s favourite sharing snacks. With a wide variety of flavours to meet all tastes they are found wherever families are having fun and enjoying special moments together.

This new bold flavour is available nationwide for a limited period between June and December 2013, at a recommended selling price of R9.99 in the large 125g packet and R4.99 for the 36g packet.

And if you have tried them please leave a comment and let is know what your tastebuds have to say about it.

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