Songrab – A new approach to music distribution is launching soon is launching soon is launching soon with the aim of creating a place for fans to support their favourite musicians without having to dip into their own wallets, but still generating income for them via their social actions.

It’s widely accepted that our new attention economy is the result of being bombarded by countless propositions and the ‘share to download’ mechanic is not a new one amongst them. is however, a fresh take on it, by making the reason to engage a far more meaningful one, with pure and measurable real world benefits for musicians. It’s a platform that will differentiate itself by offering 100% selfless support to local musicians by providing a platform for brands to let fans know they are willing to make a real difference by supporting local musicians directly.

“Add Value & Seek No Profit! It’s not something many business people would tell you to rally behind. Thankfully this isn’t about business for us.”

Downloading music these days invariably involves you, an artist of your choice and either an illegal platform (like the pirate bay) or one taking a cut of what you’re willing to pay (access models & DRM tomfoolery). There are a lot of these platforms out there now and musicians relying on paid for digital downloads as a sustainable source of income, are as likely to succeed, as they are to benefit from spontaneous record label spending. The simple fact of the matter is that surviving as a full time musician is almost impossible. Brands have an opportunity to support local musicians and benefit from a genuine introduction to appreciative fans with the process also automatically generating positive social reach.

Team Songrab is Ryno Van Niekerk, Matt Visser, Martijn van Maasakkers and Brendan Sterley.

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