The Spirit Train After Burn party – 7th May 2016

The Spirit Train After Burn party – 7th May 2016
The Spirit Train After Burn party – 7th May 2016

Here’s a sentence you won’t get to read too often: The biggest mutant vehicle in the city is hosting a party. And what a party! With five international DJ’s and twelve hours of non-stop musical action this promises to be the event of the year – a must on the calendar of anybody who is part of Cape Town’s thriving counter culture.

Wait a minute…a mutant vehicle? That’s right! The Spirit Train – part wolf, part machine and complete art project, the Spirit Train is a mobile salute to the inventiveness of a few Capetonians who saw a greater purpose in the creation of a vehicle that embodies, in their words: ‘Passion, love, honesty, dedication and consciousness.’

The Spirit Train has already been recognised as a wonder work, having taken centre stage at last year’s AfrikaBurn project in the Karoo, and this year is no different: from the 25th April to the 1st May in the Tankwa Karoo, the Spirit Train will be chugging around the AfrikaBurn campsite, dispensing music, light, fire, smoke, bubbles and great, great vibes.

Know to its creators as Lobo, the Spirit Train is hauled by a steam punk wolf that exudes strength and warmth. The wolf was chosen as the Spirit animal because the species represents instinct, intuition and intelligence, and above all – community spirit, the essence of AfrikaBurn. The carriages of the Spirit Train represent the body of the wolf, and are a mixture of sound system, disco machines and lighting all carefully arranged in a creative whole between the passenger carriages that carry revellers in comfort and style.

With fire-breathing, smoke blowing and bubble producing machines; with a moon that rises magically each night to the beat of the powerful sound system, Lobo the Spirit Train is a mutant vehicle that needs to be seen and to be experienced in the flesh (or metal.)

So for those who can’t make AfrikaBurn, and for those who did make it and want more of the same there is…the After Burn! Starting at 2 p.m. on 7th of May at the Cape Town Train Lodge, Lobo takes the centre stage of the After Burn event – fresh from the triumphs of AfrikaBurn and ready to rock the world again.

The five international DJ’s weaving their musical spells are the acclaimed Oliver Koletzki from Berlin, Luke Redford from Zurich, Ali B from the UK, Jimbo Jones from Belgium and Seth Schwartz, who also hails from Berlin. They will be supported by equally compelling local DJ’s during the 12 hour blast, so guests can expect the best in current sounds to keep them moving non-stop to the beat.

There is not going to be another party like the Spirit Train After Burn: book your tickets now and experience the community spirit of AfrikaBurn, the aesthetics and wonder of the Cape’s most enigmatic mutant machine, the unbeatable combination of local and international talent and, of course, the social gathering of the year.

Tickets for this spectacular event available at
Entries will be limited, so book soon to ensure that you are there to welcome the Spirit Train back from AfrikaBurn, and party until the moon sets!

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