Spotlight Thursday with Rock Indie Band Bicycle Thief

Bicycle Thief
Bicycle Thief

There is no talent like undiscovered talent…

It is my view that some of the most talented people have yet to be discovered, which is why I found it necessary to start doing spotlight Thursdays.

Spotlight Thursdays is basically my way of introducing you guys to dope undiscovered Cape Town talent that I’ve recently come across.

And for the first Spotlight Thursday,Rock Indie Band Bicycle Thief take the stage.

The Band which was formed in 2010 is made up singer, songwriter Tim Lester, Drummer Sheldon Yoko and fellow musicians David Gabriel and Peter Atmore.

They describe their music as authentically South African with a focus on Cape Town in terms of inspiration. “We just want to write some good songs; that’s what we’re about – Pure unadulterated strong song writing,” says Lester.

The band takes influence from a rich history of pop and rock from the likes of The Who, Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, to The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and U2. “We are South African. And with that in mind I personally take a lot of influences from my country in terms of its music and its history.Bands like Fokof tapped into an authentically South African sound because they were accessing a unique and indigenous culture through its language. Bands like aKING and Johnny Clegg did the same, but in English. . It’s with this attitude that we write music. It starts at home, and ends wherever it ends up.” – Lester

2012 sees Bicycle Thief releasing their first EP , which can be downloaded from their website from the 10th of March. The first single off the EP is entitled Goodbye,Ian Curtis and is available for download on the band’s website.

To find out more about the band head to or follow the band on their twitter account : @bicyclethiefsa


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