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Normally I would not give any kind of music recommendation, but this one is just to good… if you like blues and rock music. Check out the video.

I stumbled over this song over the TuneIn Radio app on my iphone listening to They have a nice mix of classic rock and new stuff.

So there was this song Sinner’s Prayer from Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart. I was blown away. Never have heard of Joe Bonamassa or Beth Hart, but the song is awesome. I did some YouTube searching and found some other songs of their album Don’t Explain from 2011.

To make a long story short I bought the album and it is epic (if you like blues and or rock music of course). Basically all songs are cover songs from other artists like Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin or Billy Holiday.

My favourite song is “I’ll Take Care of You”.

Here is the track listening

1. “Sinner’s Prayer” Ray Charles 4:27
2. “Chocolate Jesus” Tom Waits 2:39
3. “Your Heart Is as Black as Night” Melody Gardot 5:00
4. “For My Friends” Bill Withers 4:11
5. “Don’t Explain” Billy Holiday 4:34
6. “I’d Rather Go Blind” Etta James 8:06
7. “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” Etta James 6:05
8. “I’ll Take Care of You” Bobby Bland 5:13
9. “Well, Well” Delaney Bramlett & Bonnie Bramlett 3:42
10. “Ain’t No Way” Aretha Franklin 6:47

If you are interested in the album you can download at itunes here.

Don't Explain - Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart

Let me know how you like it.

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