Sun, Fun, Surf and Bovines

Cows hit the beach for sun, fun and surf
Cows hit the beach for sun, fun and surf

Cows hit the beach for sun, fun and surf in award winning photographer, Christopher Rimmer’s latest exhibition, Amapondo which opens at the Jan Royce Gallery in Cape Town next week.

Shot on location along the Transkei’s hauntingly beautiful Wild Coast, Amapondo features large scale portraits of cattle contentedly chewing the cud in the most unlikely of places – the beach.

The abundant herds of the wild coast are a familiar sight along the area’s pristine beaches and reports dating back as distant as the 16th Century, from sailors shipwrecked along the coast, suggests that the surfing cows are not a recent phenomenon.

Rimmer, who worked on the series throughout 2013, is well known for photographing what is real and presenting it as surreal and has certainly succeeded in doing the same again with Amapondo. The series features some magnificent specimens in stunning clarity and detail. Viewed in their entirety, the collection is striking and graphically impressive. Who would have thought that cows could be so visually remarkable?

The world renowned photographer who spent his formative years in South Africa is currently based in Australia, and says that Amapondo was one of the most difficult projects he has ever undertaken,’ I have learned more about cow behaviour in the past twelve months than I ever thought possible, he says whilst laughing, ‘There is no predictability to the cattle’s beach visits, it is just something they do when they feel like it. You have to be on site and ready to shoot when they arrive. Sometimes I waited for up to a week without seeing a single cow on the beach and other times there where dozens of them, day after day.’

Amapondo is first time Rimmer’s gorgeous photography has been exhibited in South Africa although his last three exhibitions, In Africa, Spirits Speak and Sign of Life, where all shot in Southern Africa. ‘I’m very excited to be exhibiting here he says, ‘ I grew up in South Africa and although I am currently based in Australia, I have always been very attached to the soil of this country. I’m very pleased to have my work hanging on the wall of such a beautiful gallery in the country where it was made.’

Christopher Rimmer, Amapondo opens on 11 December at the Jan Royce Gallery, 64 Church Street, Cape Town.

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