Tell your fitness story

What Is Your Health & Fitness Story?

Today I am curious to learn how and more importantly why you decided to visit a gym or started to do fitness training, natural bodybuilding or bodybuilding.

There are plenty of reasons why one wants start with this sport or better said lifestyle.

Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle, some are looking for a potential partner in the gym, some have other reasons.

Everyone has a story to tell. Share your story with us.

You will also receive a gift. All writers of stories that have been published on the blog will receive a free copy of the eBook “Quick Guide – How to lose fat and shape your body”. You get this ebook for free, it is normally 4.00 US Dollar.

If you do not want to tell your own story, but have something funny or sad to share that happened in the gym or wherever you were doing your fitness training, than you are welcome to share this story, image or video with us.

Or maybe you hate fitness training, think it is boring or any other reason, let us know.

Of course all your postings will be anonymous, unless you would like to be named. And if you have an own blog or webpage I will gladly accept links to your website (max. 2 backlinks per story).

Please email your story to

There is no guarantee of being published on the blog, but a pretty good chance. Only postings via email will be accepted so do not write your story in the comments area.

Start now. We are waiting 😉

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