The Big Issue – Cape Town

The Big Issue Cape Town
The Big Issue Cape Town

We all know the guys and ladies selling “The Big Issue” at the road crossings in Cape Town.

It is amazing that they are almost always are polite and friendly. I think it is hard to do this job day in, day out and also quite dangerous and unhealthy to run around in traffic with mindless drivers sometimes.

Therefore I think it is even more remarkable that these people are trying to improve their life and selling “The Big Issue” is a good start for them and they learn a lot of being a “entrepreneur”.

So buy “The Big Issue” and support them. Read here about the next issue launched on Friday, 6th January 2012.

The End is Nigh… and 12 more Big Issues for 2012

The Big Issue has pulled out all the stops for its first edition for 2012 with a tongue-in-cheek Mayan calendar cover playing on the end of the world hype and depicting 12 other Big Issues SA faces in 2012.

“Amid all the ‘end cometh’ prophecies, we thought we’d have some fun by commissioning cartoonist Gavin Thomson to illustrate a Mayan calendar cover with a South African twist,” said Melany Bendix, editor of The Big Issue. “This is a unique and quirky cover that is sure to have readers spinning it around and around to find all the 12 big issues we predict will be the most predominant in SA during 2012.”

The 12 Big Issues are also laid out in black and white inside the magazine, with each prediction — ranging from the ANC leadership battle to high speed internet access — backed up by expert commentary and opinion.

For those wanting to go out with a bang, or start the year with a blast (depending on what they believe), the magazine’s lined up eight massive wins for readers, ranging from a spoil at The Spa at 12 Apostles worth R5 000 to shark cage diving with the White Shark Diving Company.

Moving away from the doomsday hype, the early January edition takes a look at how wooden surfboards — a more eco-friendly alternative to polyurethane and polystyrene boards — are making waves at Cape Town’s beaches.

Modern day one-man folk band, Jeremy Loops, is up next. The young musician is fast becoming a local sensation with his loop machine, which he uses to record musical layers of guitar, ukulele and harmonica. And he throws in a bit of beatboxing for good measure. The interview shows how Loops is every bit as unique as his quirky musical style.

There’s also a special report on how we can stop wasting tons of food simply by rethinking the expiry dates carried on food labels. And The Big Issue delves into the world of dumpster diving and roadkill hunting as alternative food sources.
“That may tweak your gag reflexes, but read the report to see why it’s actually not such a crazy, or gross, concept,” says Bendix.
As usual, there is plenty of humour in the form of comic strips from Treknet and satirists ZA News, as well as witty opinion columns from Amy Jephta and Sipho Hlongwane, who recently won the weighty Pica 2011 Columnist of the Year Award for his Dogs of War column in The Big Issue.

“That’s just a small taste of what the latest edition offers,” says Bendix. “There really is something for everyone, so I’d like to encourage all Capetonians to support their nearest vendor and get a great read while doing a good deed.”

The Big Issue

To preview the new edition of the Big Issue, log onto the website on Friday January 6.

Do you buy it? Let me know in the comments.

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