The Big (Rhino) Issue


The Big Issue takes coverage of the rhino poaching crisis to new depths in its February 25th edition with a massive cover story that gets to the bottom of the slaughter.

An exclusive report by investigative journalist and author De Wet Pretorius reveals how South Africa’s apartheid bush wars led directly to today’s rhino poaching crisis. Pretorius also reveals how the former Endangered Species Protection Unit used criminal tricks to reduce poaching, and he tells why disgraced ex-Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi has rhino blood on his hands.

Another report looks at how a growing middle-class market in Vietnam is driving demand for the illegal trade in rhino horn and what the South African and Vietnamese governments should be doing to put an end to it.

“The South African public has been inundated with rhino poaching stories in the press over the past year, but I can guarantee that this is like nothing else you’ve read,” said Melany Bendix, editor. “We’re giving our readers a new and in-depth view of the crisis, without the hysteria and sensationalism which often accompanies rhino poaching reporting.”

On the news pages, readers will also find an assortment of news they won’t read elsewhere, from how South Africa is reviewing a popular teen acne drug following deaths in France to a report debunking Eskom’s claim that the poor won’t be affected by its proposed 16% tariff hikes.

“It’s not all serious news though,” adds Bendix. “As usual we have incisive and funny opinion columns, a good dose of wacky news and a full arts and entertainment section.”

This includes an exclusive interview with Scottish author Irvin Welsh, who spoke to the street paper about his new book Skagboys — the prequel to his bestseller Trainspotting, life in his adopted home of Chicago and how he overcame his drug addiction.

For possibly the wackiest and most creative interview ever, readers should be sure to read the “rhyming couplet” interview with lyrical comedian Daniel Friedman  — AKA Deep Fried Man.

The Big Issue — it’s so much more than a good deed, it’s a good read too. Get a copy from your vendor today for only R20 (R10 goes to the vendor) and be part of change in South Africa.

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