The day Google died

The day Google died.
The day Google died.

We all love Google. Don’t we? Well, some might love Google more, some less. But some of us lately started to hate Google. I am talking about people who have online businesses, online shopping pages, affiliate websites etc.

People who make a living from being on the first page of Google with their  keywords. Now I must admit I am among these people. Not with Cape Town Active, but with a range of websites dealing with other topics.

And it is not only me that got paid from this. Nope. Almost 50 South Africans get their monthly salary from those web sites mainly due to the search result of Google as most  of the clients find us there.

Now lately Google has done some major updates to their search machine. They called it Panda, Penguin and EMD updates. And these had a huge impact on the  search result. Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, has only the best in mind for us and wants Google to provide us with the best search result.

That is fine for me, in theory, but actually I think Google has either lost control over their search algorithm or has become greedy. “Don’t be evil” is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google, but I guess with the view on stock markets and shareholders, they have strayed from their motto.

Some search results, just do not make sense at all. And it seems that Google is pushing Google Adwords and their own paid services harder and harder.

Understandable, as Google makes the most money with Google Adwords. My prediction for the future: Pay Google and you will have traffic. That would be honest  and everyone would understand the rules.

But on the other hand Google has created a whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry that only survives with an ever changing Google algorithm. So they  can sell their clients ongoing services. And it is still a guessing game.

So what is my point you might ask? I think that in every market competition is a good thing and unfortunately Google has some sort of monopoly in the search engine market. That is dangerous! For all of us. Yes, Google has given us all these free services, like Gmail, Blogger, Google maps etc.

But they are also collecting a lot of information from  all of us. And they claim not to use it on one side, and only to use it to provide us with better services. Shouldn’t we be suspicious? And who is listening as well?

No, don’t expect conspiracy theories now. I purely see it from the business aspect, for now..

So my tip to all bloggers and online marketers out there: Do not chase every news article on how you can optimize your content for Google. Keep is simple, post frequently and do not concentrate on Google.

We at Cape Town Active do not bother any longer with SEO and only posts what we like. And guess what? We have more visits and page views than ever before. Does that make sense in what Google tries to sell us? Nope! Do we care? Nope, because the Internet is so much more than Google.

And maybe one prediction for the future. Google might not die today, or within the next 5 years, but if they start becoming greedy and evil, they will eventually die.

And now the Cape Town Active Blog search engine rankings will either sky-rocket, go down the drain or we will be banned from the Google index. Let’s see what happens 😉

What is your take on the Google’s latest changes on their search results?

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