Things to do in Cape Town that’ll trigger your adrenal glands

Things to do in Cape Town that’ll trigger your adrenal glands
Things to do in Cape Town that’ll trigger your adrenal glands

Cape Town is a winner for things to do in the summer. There’s always a beach to chill at, or a mountain to climb, but the more adventurous among us, might tire of doing the same thing week in, week out.

So just what can thrillseekers do in and around Cape Town? Here are a few suggestions.

Shark cage diving

The Great White Shark is perhaps one of the most feared creatures in all of creation (we probably have Steven Spielberg to thank for that). And the waters of False Bay are home to plenty of these enormous creatures of the deep. This is something that’s not lost on the plethora of companies that offer shark cage diving.

Apex Shark Expeditions is one of the more renowned companies and Chris and Monique Fallows will go through great (see what we did there?) lengths to make sure your cage diving experience is every bit as exciting as you’d hoped.

Abseiling on Table Mountain

If you’re not a huge fan of heights, then it’s best that you at least try this. It might cure you. 112 metres of controlled descent, 1000 metres above the city. Weather permitting, companies will be operational daily, so book in advance and enjoy stepping off a sheer cliff face. Typically, you’ll ascend via the cable car and be greeted by a friendly face at the top who’ll guide you through to the spot. If you can avoid shaking with fear, then then you’ll be gifted with some wonderful views of the city and surrounds.

Kloofing in Betty’s Bay

A short drive outside of the city lies the Boland Mountains which offer a hiking experience with a twist. Suicide Gorge is a 17 kilometre trail that has you kloofing, a combination of walking, swimming and jumping off cliffs. Yes, you read that correctly. This rugged gorge is punctuated by a series of rock pools that’ll have you testing your courage with jumps that range from 3 to 20 metres (60 feet).


This activity will fill your veins with adrenaline, and your mind with peace. Local companies have been helping people see Cape Town from a different perspective since the 90s, and will make sure that your experience is completely safe and enjoyable. Those who take the risk, will be rewarded with incredible views of the mountains, vineyards, beaches and ocean.

Kayaking off the coast

The Cape offers some of the world’s most breathtaking coastline. And what better way to experience this than from the seat of a one or two person kayak? Cruise past penguin colonies, catch the sunrise or, if you’re lucky enough, feel the thrill of a close encounter with a whale. If you’re not a fan of the physical aspect, then there’s a host of yacht tours available that’ll take you out. If you’re after a little more, then perhaps try one of the many sailing courses in Cape Town, before venturing out in your own vessel (Disclaimer: Don’t forget the Great Whites swimming beneath you).

Whichever activity you do choose, it’s safe to say that any of these activities are bound to be just a touch more exciting than your average sun tan – so enjoy it.

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