Things Money Can Buy (but it can’t buy you style)

Are you born rich?
Are you born rich?

Today while I was googleing for some work related information (yes, really) I stumbled over an interesting website.

As strange as it seems I do usually not spend much time on websites if they do not provide the information I am looking for.

For my daily news I rely on RSS feeds and a handful of news websites. I do not do much of entertainment surfing on the web. Maybe because I am spending too much time during the day in front of my PC already.

So the website that caught my eye is called “Born Rich – Home of Luxury and Most Expensive things”. OK, easy to spot: I am not the target group.
I am not into luxury and even if I can not afford it, as I was not born rich. But one thing that came out on the website is: Money can’t buy you style.

The website lists very rich people and what they own, money, yachts, planes, houses, submarines… You get the idea. But even more entertaining is the section “Most Expensive”. It lists basically products. How about some real bargains?

  • The World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 case for $302,985.
  • Or do you have $700,000 for the Most Expensive iPad Mini Case with Sapphires and Diamonds.
  • Or you might be interested in the World’s most expensive sink covered with 24 karat gold and diamonds for only $80,000.

What do you think? Anything you would go for?

Have a look at

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