Tips for first time cyclists

Volta_ao_Algarve_2012_Team_SkyCycling is a fun family activity and it’s perfect for slowly riding into the sunset with someone special. Cycling is often included in top ten list of best exercises, which is why you need to get out your bicycle and ride like there is no tomorrow. Some people are afraid of riding a bicycle. Don’t let it put you off, anyone can ride a bicycle.

It’s as easy as riding a bike…

Before jumping on

Before getting on your bicycle it’s best to prepare yourself with the appropriate cycling gear and also by learning the rules of road safety. There are thousands of cycling accidents every year and those often involve cyclists who are irresponsible on the road.

Do a thorough bike inspection
Get to know different bicycle parts and do a thorough inspection of your bicycle before riding. No matter where you are, check your bicycle. Making a habit to check your bicycle is a sure way of ensuring that you are secure enough to go out onto the road.
The most important aspects to check:
1. The brakes – These are your safeguards and will prevent any possible accidents from occurring. Change the brakes immediately when you notice that they have a lot of wear and tear on them. The best possible way to ensure their longevity is to see whether or not they are rubbing against the tyres.
2. The tyres – Always be sure to check the tyre pressure. Giving them a quick squeeze is the simplest way to ensure that they are still hard. If the bicycle tyres feel too soft, pump them up and make sure that they are not worn down.
3. The lights – Bicycle lights are very important, their sole purpose is to make you aware of any possible hazards that you may come across. The most important light of all should either be a red light at the back or a clean reflector. By checking that they are always in working condition you will always be safe.

Be visible to motorists and pedestrians
Always wear brightly coloured clothing when you go out for a ride, especially at night and in bad weather conditions. Once you have that sorted, be sure to check your lights and switch them on. Make sure that you are visible to drivers on the road, as they don’t always check their blindspots. Be particularly careful at junctions and allow for vehicles to go ahead of you. Remember your bell and ring it wherever applicable. Not all pedestrians can see when a cyclist is heading their way.

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