Torpedo SwimRun launches in South Africa

Torpedo SwimRun launches in South Africa
Torpedo SwimRun launches in South Africa

Adventure-mad South Africans can look forward to a new endurance event in 2017 – the Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town. Making use of Cape Town’s pristine, yet underused coastline, Torpedo will take runners, swimmers and anyone with an affinity for the outdoors into new territory as they tackle short beach-to-beach swims and bursts of running, scrambling and rock-hopping.

Torpedo will take place in January in Cape Town. Starting at Sandy Bay, athletes will then make their way along iconic beaches, bays, and coves; world-famous sites like Llandudno, Oudekraal, Camps Bay and Clifton form part of the route.

Based on the popular overseas format, SwimRun is a team event that makes exploring the coastline accessible and fun; on the swim legs, participants swim in wetsuits, using hand paddles and floatation devices. The wetsuits and running shoes are also kept on for the duration of the event as there are no transition zones; you simply get out of the water and run – until the next swim leg.

“Torpedo promises to be a very special and unique outdoor experience,” says Richard McMartin, event Founder. “Participants will see and experience the coastline of Cape Town in a way that has never been done before. By running and swimming from Sandy Bay, previously inaccessible areas will be opened up to the athletes. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, paddlers, life-savers, the entire endurance community will get a kick out of Torpedo.”

The idea of the SwimRun was born out of the desire to simplify events like triathlon. All equipment you start with at SwimRun, you finish with. There are no transitions between the multiple swim and run segments; there will however be water points along the route. Another key element of SwimRun is that you compete with a partner who can’t be more than 10 metres away at any time during the race. The short swim legs are also designed to be accessible to all level of swimmer.

“Globally, SwimRun attracts athletes from all spectrums of the sporting community, from surfers to trail runners, triathletes to paddlers – athletes with one common thread – the love of being in nature and challenging their bodies,” says McMartin.

“Since this will be the first of its kind in South Africa, we are also introducing the ‘Battle of the Sports’, where entrants select their sporting background in order to compete against the other sports to determine the ultimate Torpedo SwimRunner!”

Entries open 1 October at 2pm.

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