TriRock Robben Island 2014

TriRock Robben Island 2014
TriRock Robben Island 2014

Entries have opened for the historic triathlon, the TriRock Robben Island, which will be taking place on the 2nd of November 2014.

After a sell-out event in 2013, the TriRock Robben Island will be increasing the number of participants accepted, to ensure that more individuals can experience the island, its culture and heritage, through a unique day of sports and celebration.

The event strives to honour the heritage of Robben Island by providing an authentic cultural experience. Athletes and spectators will be given the opportunity to spend the night on the island in Robben Island Prison, where they will receive a tour by a prison warden and talk by an ex-prisoner about some of freedom fighters that it housed.

In addition to this athletes will also be able to witness the island in all its scenic beauty through the swim, run and cycle stages of the event itself.

The triathlon will consist of a morning sprint distance of a 400m swim, 14km cycle and 4km run with the afternoon race consisting of an 800m swim, 27km cycle and 8km run.  There will also be an additional running race in the afternoon dedicated to 27 years Nelson Mandela spent on the island which will be announced in the new year.

“The interest for the TriRock Robben Island has grown rapidly over the last two years”, said Grant Kunneke, TriRock founder. “We are truly fortunate to be able to host a sporting event on such a historic site and hope to spread the history and legacy of the island, as well as Madiba, through the people it attracts from South Africa and abroad.”

Race Details and Costs
4:14:4 – R750 (400m swim, 14km cycle, 4km run)
8:27:8 – R950 (800m swim, 27km cycle, 6km run)
For general or accommodation enquiries contact

For more information on the event visit the website or Facebook Page

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