Trust The African Doctor

Finding a good and trustworthy doctor is not always easy. How do you know that the doctor has the right expertise and has the right experience. And do you need a specialist? Here might be a good recommendation on a doctor.

I got a flyer on my cars windscreen the other day. Dr. Hajati Hasifa & Ali are running a herbal clinic in Cape Town. And the can really help in a broad range of medical and not so medical issues… The claim that they offer the best African medicine in Cape Town. Woohhh.

I have scanned the flyer for you. Just in case you might need them. By the way the docs office is between Auto Zone and Big Apple Motors.. guess you better look out for a garage and do not expect a clinic.

See page 2 of the PDF. They garantee 100% help. Some examples of their work (remind you they are doctors!)

  • Swollen Body
  • all unfinished work by other doctors
  • misfortune
  • tuberculosis
  • bewitched people
  • win lotto / casino & horse racing
  • diabetis

Read the flyer now. It is really funny. They can help with much more. And if you ever visit Dr. Hajati Hasifa & Ali let me know about their work. I am to scared to try it myself…..

Download the PDF flyer of Dr. Hajati Hasifa & Ali and never be sick again.


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