Zumba for a Cure

Hi, fitness fans.  I made it through my first Zumba class as instructor, rather than student, last week. I can report I messed up a move or two, my music was not in order and the choreography I picked was less-than-perfect for the class.

BUT YA KNOW WHAT: People still had fun, got a great cardio workout and came back last night.   Zumba is about ‘ditching the workout and joining the party’. Indeed we did.

This Sunday, I will be attending Party In Pink Zumbathon— a Zumba “Master Class” (that simply means LONGER than normal) at Chelsea Piers in New York City. This even benefits breast cancer research and many like them are held by accredited Zumba instructors throughout the month of October.

On the Zumba.com website, they encourage breast cancer survivors to share:

“Every breast cancer survivor has a story to tell, a story as unique as their life. Every person affected by breast cancer can make a difference in someone’s life just by sharing your story. Even though all of your stories may be different, we are united by the strength, courage, hope and love these stories share. Your story helps us all to heal.”

There are many inspiring stories.  One particular line I liked from a 40 year old Zumba Instructor who, while undergoing treatment, managed to teach 5-6 classes a week. She says, “Zumba is my hour without cancer.”


As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I look forward to bringing you pictures and a report from the Party in Pink Zumbathon Sunday in New York City. Have a wonderful week.

Jill Hickey, your author at Zumba Basic Instructor Training in Monroe, Connecticut, USA.
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