When Fitness Becomes Fun

We all know or are someone who is religious about fitness. They get cranky when they DON’T get to work out.

And, we probably know a person that dreads—would really rather go to the dentist– than working out.

So, how do we encourage those who ‘hate’ working out?  They have to find the place where fitness becomes fun.

Let’s define ‘fun’, shall we?

My husband just completed his 17th marathon.  Now, he would not tell you that running up a hill at mile 22 is the traditional idea of ‘fun’, but the fun is the feeling of accomplishment after the race. I ran a half marathon in 2003 and told him afterwards I thought it was fun.  He replied that perhaps I didn’t run hard enough if I had fun….

So his personality is suited for a different style of workout… and definition of ‘fun.’

And that’s what’s GREAT: we have so many options these days!   There’s something for everyone to get moving.

But first they need to identify why they “hate” working out.   Maybe they perceive they don’t have the time or feel intimidated by gyms.  A product off an infomercial,  when done safely and on their own time can lead to the fun.  Maybe someone is looking for new friends and loves the outdoors. Could the camaraderie of a local running club be that fun?  Maybe they hate sweating.  I’m serious!  My sister has lost a significant amount of weight by swimming three mornings  a week.  Swimming, to me, would be a disaster. I’d rather have sweaty hair than have to blow dry and style it—-  But that is her fun!

I have re-invigorated my workout routine over the last several months by attending Zumba classes.  Luckily, I already deemed working out fun but Zumba days are a blast.

Zumba is a latin and world dance fitness program.   The key part is although it is defined as a ‘dance fitness program’, you do not have to be a dancer to attend a class and have a fat-burning, rockin-music, nobody-is-watching-you-anyway,  forget-your-worries work out.  And that is fun.

Next week. What’s an actual Zumba class like?  Where do you find one? And more on the culture of Zumba…



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4 comments on “When Fitness Becomes Fun

  1. I have a passion for South Africa…..surely workouts would be more fun there. It is a spectacular country and one that I hope to return to soon.

    Now, Zumba, that is another thought….I tried, with the trainer Jill. She laughed at me; and the worse part is that I am her mother.


  2. I hate running cross country! However, I can go in a gym, get into a full court basketball game and play for hours on end… Definitely my definition of fun!

  3. Jill, great article! No zumba class today so I decided to run with my dog, Kelly. I wish I had fun running but it was so boring. I feel like I need to keep in shape on the days I do not get to zumba so thats why I was walking/jogging….never really running! I cannot wait to get to zumba…it makes my whole day! Im so glad that I found it and I want everyone to try it cause I just think its the greatest!

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