Win this beautiful red Viva Vodka bottle

Win this beautiful red Viva Vodka bottle
Win this beautiful red Viva Vodka bottle

Yes, we will do it again. We will give away some very nice prices at the Cape Town & Blogger Meetup.

So if you would like to win this sleek, seductive and bravely beautiful red Viva Vodka bottle you will need to join us on 23. April 2013 at the Orphanage Cocktail Emporium on Bree for the 2. Cape Town Active Twitter and Blogger Meetup.

To learn more about the event and to sign up simply click here.

By the way Viva Vodka is brand new on the South African market. Here what the press release tells us about the Vodka.

“Manufactured through a carbon-filtered process and then distilled five times over a base of cane, there’s no mistaking it: Viva is a vodka in every way! Proudly standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best on the market for its exceptional smoothness and drinkability, Viva is firmly set to challenge other vodka’s with its attractive price-point and uncompromising quality – delivering all the complexity and subtlety you’d expect from a vodka of this calibre.

Inviting consumers to “Live the Moment!” Viva is ready to be enjoyed chilled, over ice, or as the base of one of your favourite drinks or cocktails. Making a convincing appeal to attract the forward-thinking, up-and-coming end of the market, the brand has gone national with its distribution, making it available in all good liquor outlets and select Pick ‘n Pay stores countrywide.”

More info at the official page:

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