Win Tickets for Sister Mary James

Win Tickets for Sister Mary James
Win Tickets for Sister Mary James

This installation, performed by (, has been running since Friday 10 February 2006 in South Africa – mostly in Cape Town.

The show is CLOSED to the General Public – one has to have met Sister Mary James in person on her nightly sojourns into bars, restaurants, clubs etc, been approved by her as PLU (People Like Us!), bought the tickets on the spot and confirmed by text, BBM, FB and Twitter.

Our Show’s tagline is – “Exalt (to praise & uplift), Ennoble (to restore dignity) & Entertain (to enlighten)”. To this end, the stage is also periodically opened up to previously unseen talent that has been rehearsed & nurtured by the Artist on an ongoing basis.

Here is how you can win:

  1. Pls mention this post and mention (@sistermaryjames) and (@sinnsrestaurant) in your  Tweets. James will then RT!
  2. On Facebook, you can tag ( – JAMES COSTELLO Page..tks!
  3. The winner will be contacted by James directly.
  4. Every single Guest MUST bring a tin of food/old clothes/blankie for those in need….
  5. All Guests MUST provide a mobile number AND email address as they will be issued tkts online via WEBTICKETS.
  6. Venue is Sinn’s On Long Café, 263 Long St….(Old Down South!)
  7. ALL details, including Show breakdown and Google maps, are on (
  8. The 4 tkts I am gifting are worth R200 each, and are for Show Only. If a Guest wants to Upgrade to CO-STAR tkt (Main Course+Preferred Seating) or SUPERSTAR tkt (3-course Dinner+Front Row Seating), they will be charged R150 and R300 each respectively. They do NOT have to upgrade if they don’t wish to do so…just an option! PS Food there is FABS!

We also encourage further inter-Audience networking by posting videos on our YouTube channel ( of the Audience on Show night!

Each and every audience member is mandated to bring a tin of food/old clothes/blankies/toiletries for those in need. This is then distributed to one of our beneficiaries, such as UNDER GOD’S WINGS (via @pinktoursct) – a Feeding Scheme in Sir Lowry’s Pass vilage that cares for upwards of 300 children daily, as well as taking care of adults and animals; or PRIDE SHELTER TRUST – which is Africa’s only live-in Crisis Centre for LGBTI folk.

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