Workout for gaining weight

As promised I have changed my training program from my summer diet workout plan to my winter weight gaining workout plan.

What is different? Well, I still go go 6 times a week to the gym and also enjoy my “All you can eat” Sunday.

As written in my previous post the goal is set to gain muscle mass without gaining to much body fat. Last year I bulked up to 93kg in the winter with 26 percent body fat. And I slimmed down to 83 kg with less then 14% in summer. Goal this year is to go up to 90kg but with a max of maybe 18% body fat, the less the better.

So I have changed my plan in a way that I only will do 2 days of cardio training instead of 3 days. I eat more protein and have added more carbohydrates. Still I try to eat 6 times a day, but also take a protein shake in the middle of the night.

My breakfast will is bigger and I eat carbs after 7 pm.

But do not misunderstand me. I still eat the same food as shown in my book. I will try to cut out fat as much as possible and concentrate on low GI food.

Also my exercise plan as changed. I do more low rep sets with reps in the range between 4-6 and I do more basic strength exercises. My body already responds with really sore muscles. I try to shock my muscles now as much as possible. No training will be like another. And I can already see the first results.

Stay tuned with me as I will write down the next training sessions for you in the next posts.

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