You next adventure hobby in Cape Town!

adventure hobby
adventure hobby

Cape Town is the perfect city for anyone who has a leaning towards adrenalin-inducing activities. We have mountains. We have the ocean. And we have communities of like-minded people who would be thrilled to welcome you into whatever activity you would like to get involved in.


The hardest part is simply choosing between your many wonderful options…


Want to get massive air? If you aren’t afraid of heights and believe you can develop an appreciation for Cape Town’s renowned strong winds then kitesurfing may be just the activity you have been waiting for. Before you go out and buy all the gear, first take a few lessons with a professional instructor to see if this really is the sport for you.


Sailing is not only for rich kids or retirees. There is something magical about the way the wind whips through your hair and that taste of sea salt on your lips is the taste of freedom. In case you were wondering, no, you do not need a yacht to get started. You can take sailing courses in Cape Town first to see if you like it, and see where that leads.

Rock climbing

There are many cliff faces in and around Cape Town just begging to be ascended by an adrenalin-fueled rock climber. Not only is this fun, but it is a great full body workout. You can either begin your outdoor rock climbing hobby with a professional rock climbing tour group like Cape Climb, or you can test the waters at an indoor rock climbing centre like CityROCK in Observatory. If you really take to the sport, you will probably end up wanting to do both.

Trail running

Trail running might not be on the high end of the adrenalin-pumping sports scale but it is definitely a hobby that will inject some adventure into your life. Compared to the other sports we have listed here, it is pretty simple and inexpensive to get into. You pretty much just need a pair of trail-running shoes. (Normal road running shoes are not ideal as they don’t have adequate grip and will wear out quickly.) You are spoiled for choice when it comes to trails in South Africa and you could fall in love with experiencing the outdoors from a different perspective.

Blokart sailing

What is blokart sailing you might ask? Blokart sailing entails a light and compact three wheeled buggy and a sail that lets you careen along the beach, through the grass park or around a car park. It is a lot of fun and the great thing is that unlike with kitesurfing or windsurfing you can get on your way after just a few minutes of learning the controls and safety guidelines. Blokart sailing is pretty big in New Zealand but can now be done right here in Muizenberg.

These are by no means your only options, but it is a good place to start. You could also consider paintballing, wakeboarding, sandboarding, scuba diving and even Formula 1 racing at the Killarney Race Track. It just goes to show that if it’s an adventure you want, Cape Town is the place to be.

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