Your best body ever

Guys I know you follow me and you are planing to get in shape after the xmas break, because next summer you want to have the best body ever.

So follow for a while, read my ebook and you will achieve this goal.

Here my Monday so far.

6.00 glas of water, multivitamine

7.00 gym – back and bizep training

Cable Pulldown, 1 set x 12 rep , 1 x 10, 1 x8, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, 1 x10, 1 x 12 (increase and decrease the weight)

Lever T-bar Row 4 x 10

Alternating Bizeps Curl 4 x 12 , increase weight

Sit ups, as much as possible



8.30 breakfast: oatmeal, fat free milk, coffee

10.30 protein bar, water

12.30 pasta and tuna omelette, water

16.30 protein shake

17.30 handful of peanuts

19.30 backed potato, lean steak

21.00 fat free joghurt, banana, honey

What happened this morning was, that the gym was so fully packed that I could not end my biceps training as planned. So I will add another bizeps exercise after my cardio training.

Stay tuned. Cheers

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